SSD 120GB L7 EVO 2.5 R530/W360 MB/S SATA3

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Codice prodotto T253L7120GTC101
EAN 0765441032347
Categoria 2.5 SATA
Disponibilità 80
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TEAM GROUP SSD 120 GB Serie L7 EVO 2.5 Interfaccia SATA 6 Gb / s

A perfect blend of performance, quality and affordable pricing, the Team Group L7 EVO takes your everyday computing to the next level. Built with premium quality flash, advanced Marvell controller IC and SATA III interface, this SATA III SSD offers amazingly fast read/write speed - the OS loads in seconds, the apps start up in an instant, and all your operations are smooth and fluid. It also supports TRIM function for constant, like-new performance over usages, and DevSleep mode to conserve battery life and extend battery time. And with the vibration resistance and quiet operation inherent in SSD technology, the Team Group L7 EVO will transfer any mobile or desktop system.



The Best Deal for a Smart Upgrade Solution

Team Group L7 EVO solid state drive offers excellent transfer efficiency and compatibility by applying the new generation Marvell controller chip, SATA III 6Gb/s specification and selected flash memory chips. The performance requirements of any kind of motherboard, notebook and embedded device can be fulfilled and the overall file transfer performance of PC can also be increased comprehensively.



High Efficiency Read/Write Performance

L7 EVO SSD offers more efficient data read/write performance, lower power consumption and a quiet operation experience. The problem of poor performance of most PCs is not caused by poor CPU performance, but by the slow read speed of the general hard drive. Upgrading to L7 EVO SSD can breathe new life into your PC by speeding up its boots/shutdown time and enhancing multi-tasking performance.



TRIM Command Supported to Free its Transfer Performance

L7 EVO SSD supports Windows TRIM optimization command which is able to release free blocks, allowing operating system to use them later immediately when writing data. This can speed up the transfer and write performance of the SSD, and also effectively reduce performance degradation and wear and tear of the drive. It perfectly maintains the performance and prolongs the service life of the SSD.



Low Power Consumption for Longer Use

L7 EVO SSD supports new generation of power saving technology: DevSleep (Device Sleep Mode). It features ultra low power consumption, which turns off the power of the SATA interface when computer goes into standby mode. It saves more battery power and extends battery life, so you can back to work mode in no time.



Trustworthy and Reliable

L7 EVO SSD’s built-in smart algorithm management mechanism has functions such as garbage collection which is able to ensure operation efficiency and prolong the service life of the SSD. Meanwhile, the powerful Wear-Leveling technology and ECC (Error Correction Code) function enhance the reliability of data transfer, making it a trusted and efficient assistant.




Condizioni ambientali

Intervallo temperatura di funzionamento  0 - 70 °C

Range di umidità di funzionamento  5 - 95 %

Shock di funzionamento  1500 G

Vibrazione di non-funzionamento  20 G


Fattore di forma dell'unità SSD  2.5

Interno Si

Dimensioni e peso

Altezza  69.9 mm

Larghezza  100 mm

Profondità  7 mm

Gestione energetica

Tensione di esercizio  5 V


Capacità SSD  120 GB

Data Integrity Check (verifica integrità dati)  Si

Interfaccia Solid State Drive (SSD)  Serial ATA III

MTBF  1000000 h

Random read (4KB)  25000 IOPS (Operazioni di input/output per secondo)

Random write (4KB)  32000 IOPS (Operazioni di input/output per secondo)

S.M.A.R.T. support  Si

TRIM support  Si

Velocità di lettura  530 MB/s

Velocità di scrittura  360 MB/s

Velocità di trasferimento dati 6 Gbit/s


Compatibilità sistema operativo Mac:
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger,Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard,Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard,Mac OS X 10.7 Lion,Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion,Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Sistema operativo Linux supportato Si

Sistema operativo Windows supportato:
Windows 10 Education,Windows 10 Education x64,Windows 10 Enterprise,Windows 10 Enterprise x64,Windows 10 Home,Windows 10 Home x64,Windows 10 Pro,Windows 10 Pro x64,Windows 7 Enterprise,Windows 7 Enterprise x64,Windows 7 Home Basic,Windows 7 Home Basic x64,Windows 7 Home Premium,Windows 7 Home Premium x64,Windows 7 Professional,Windows 7 Professional x64,Windows 7 Starter,Windows 7 Starter x64,Windows 7 Ultimate,Windows 7 Ultimate x64,Windows 8,Windows 8 Enterprise,Windows 8 Enterprise x64,Windows 8 Pro,Windows 8 Pro x64,Windows 8 x64,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Business x64,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Enterprise x64,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Basic x64,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Home Premium x64,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Ultimate x64


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